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Become a Member of SBC VOAD

Thank you for considering membership in SBC-VOAD. Together, we work to foster partnerships, exchange information, and undertake joint projects to enhance resilience and support communities during times of crisis. Your involvement is vital to achieving our shared goals. 

Membership Levels


Organizations active in disaster recovery.


$35 annual dues


Government agencies, businesses, and agencies that do not meet the partner-level criteria.


$35 annual dues


Member organizations that wish to demonstrate an extra level of support for Santa Barbara County VOAD mission.


$1,000 annual dues

Benefits of Membership

Access to Training and Learning
Members and Partners gather around topical issues and programmatic activities to improve service delivery throughout the disaster cycle and further create a climate for cooperation. 

Representation with Federal Advocacy and Liaisons
National VOAD staff in Washington DC work with FEMA, the DHS, Congress, and other federal agencies on issues of concern throughout the disaster cycle.

Network and Build Relationships
While incorporating National VOAD Four C's: Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration. You have the opportunity to meet and solidify long-lasting connections in the community.

Boost Disaster Preparedness
Being prepared and informed helps you and everyone around you. Joining will help your organization mobilize when a disaster strikes. Preparedness mitigates risks. We can't stop disasters, but we can be ready for them.


Share Volunteers and Resources 
The intention is to help the community, but your organization might not be able to reach untapped populations. Joining forces with like-minded organizations can expand your reach and promote your organization.  


Support Our Community 
We can all work together to ensure our community survives and thrives. 

Membership Forms

As of December 2022, we have an updated membership system. All new members need to complete an SBC-VOAD Member Form so we can ensure accurate information on organizational contacts and resource capacities.

If you completed the membership form last year, please fill out the Renewal form.

You don't just join VOAD;
you are VOAD!

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