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What is VOAD?

SBC VOAD is a collaboration of local non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, public institutions, and private entities dedicated to improving outcomes for people affected by disasters.


SBC VOAD helps members prepare their own agencies for disaster and facilitates collaboration between agencies to assist Santa Barbara communities when disaster strikes. 

 Our Mission 

To establish and enhance partnerships among community-based organizations, governmental entities, and other partners that collaborate, communicate, and coordinate preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for Santa Barbara County residents during times of disaster.

How does SBC-VOAD benefit me
and the community?

VOAD provides training resources to improve your agency/entity's disaster preparedness.


We convene quarterly to network, review best practices for potential disaster scenarios, and consult with city and county emergency managers to ensure coordinated and efficient response during disasters. Our involvement extends throughout all stages of disaster - from proactive preparedness measures and risk reduction to hands-on support during crises and subsequent recovery efforts.

The Four Principles

To bring together voluntary organizations and other partners active in disaster to foster more effective service throughout disaster preparation, response, and recovery by adhering to our guiding principles:


Creating a system and climate of cooperation, mutual assistance, and information exchange between members.


Fostering a common understanding of the process and providing a liaison to facilitate communication and resource management between member agencies and government entities.


Maintaining regular communication with all members, listening carefully to each other, and dealing openly with concerns. Sharing information about member organization capacities, accomplishments, and commitments.


Working together to achieve specific goals

for disaster preparedness, response, recovery,

and mitigation.

Get Involved

Joining SBC VOAD opens doors to fostering partnerships, exchanging crucial information,
and collaborating on impactful projects. Your involvement is key to achieving our collective mission.

Join us today and make a difference where it matters most!

You don't just join VOAD;
you are VOAD!

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